Hi guys!! Iam Navya…. This blog is a basic introduction blog so that you people get to know me more… main purpose to join this blogging site is to write about my journeys and travel experiences… I love travelling and writing about it. Infact my goal is to become a travel journalist. Iam 16 right now….and will soon turn 17. Iam a young pal and if you like my blogs do press the like button and react on it. Your appreciation will surely be an inspiration to me.

Now comes my nationality and overall personality. Iam an Indian and being an indian , I love meeting and greeting new people… I love knowing people accross the world. I love trying new food being friends with different people… And I hope I become good friends with my followers as well. ….so here Iam ….hope you like my content and if you do , do follow me. I promise good stuff on my website…. Thankyou. 💜

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